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Prim. Univ. Prof. Dr. Oliver Findl, MBA, FEBO

About Prof. Findl

Prof. Findl is a highly qualified consultant eye surgeon delivering expert care. He gained extensive experience in ocular surgery at the Vienna General Hospital, as Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and currently holds the position of Chief of Department of Ophthalmology at the Vienna Hanusch Hospital. In addition to his clinical work, Prof. Findl is a worldwide renowned researcher in the field of ocular surgery.

From 1994 to 2006, Prof. Findl had a tenure as Assistant Professor at the Vienna University Hospital (AKH), Department of Ophthalmology. Thereafter, he was appointed Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, the largest eye hospital in the world.

2009 Prof. Findl was appointed Chief of the Departement of Ophthalmology at the Vienna Hanusch Hospital. Apart from his full time job at the Vienna Hanusch Hopsital, he continued to work as a part time Consultant Ophtalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital from 2009 until 2014.

I perform surgery using state-of-the-art equipment. My work is characterized by perfectionism and attention to detail.

Prof. Findl

About Prof. Findl

Medical Occupation

  • Assistenzarzt und Oberarzt, Univ. Klinik für Augenheilkunde und Optometrie, Medizinische Universität Wien, 1994 – 2006
  • Private Clinic, John Saunders Suite, Moorfields Eye Hospital, 2006 – 2009
  • Chief of Department of Ophthalmology, Hanusch-Hospital, Vienna, since 2009


  • Medical school, University of Vienna, 1986 – 1993
  • Research fellow (one year) at der Harvard University, Boston, MA, U.S.A., Children’s Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology, 1993 – 1994
  • Assistant Professor at the Vienna University Hospital, (AKH), Department of Ophthalmology, 1994 – 2006
  • Registered and specialized in Ophthalmology, Austrian Medical Chamber (ÖÄK), 1999
  • Associate Professor for Ophthalmology – Venia docendi for Ophthalmology, University of Vienna, 2000
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Health Care Management, Medical University of Vienna and Berlin School of Economics, 2005 – 2007

Advanced education

  • Neurobiology for MD/PHD Programme, Harvard University, Boston, MA , 1993
  • Course Clinical investigator, Medical Council of Vienna, 2002
  • Management course, Salzburg University, Salzburg, 2002
  • Postdoctoral course “The Art of Teaching”, University of Vienna, 2003 – 2004
  • Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology (FEBO), 2004

External clinical traineeship

  • Columbia University, Harlem Hospital Center, New York, U.S.A., 1989
  • Trondheim University Hospital, Trondheim, Norway, 1990
  • Tel-Aviv University, Ichilov Hospital, Israel, 1992
  • Harvard University, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA, U.S.A., 1992


  • Married with 2 children
  • Former extra at the Vienna State Opera
  • Ski instructor and former ski coach of the Vienna International School Ski Racing Team

Eye Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Corneal Transplantation

Retinal Surgery

Functions in Organisations

  • Secretary and elected governing board member of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS)
  • Elected representative of the Austrian Society of Ophthalmology (ÖOG)
  • Former President of the Viennese Society of Ophthalmology (WOG)
  • Editorial board member of Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (JCRS)
  • Member of the scientific advisory board of the Italian Refractive Surgery Society (SICR)
  • Former member of the ethics committee of the Medical University of Vienna
  • Editorial board member of the international professional journal ‘Eurotimes’
  • Founder and head of Vienna Institute of Research and Ocular Surgery (VIROS)
  • Board member of Light for the World since 2018 (learn more)

Memberships in scientific organisations

  • American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS)
  • Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
  • Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (DOG)
  • Deutschsprachige Gesellschaft für Intraokularlinsen-Implantation und refraktive Chirurgie (DGII)
  • European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS)
  • Österreichische Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (ÖOG)
  • Wiener Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (WOG)

Guest professorship at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

Prof. Findl’s scientific expertise is esteemed abroad as well: London Moorfields Eye Hospital, one of the wolrd’s leading eye hospitals, providing expert clinical care, research and teaching, has appointed Prof. Findl for a guest professorship as Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon from Aug. 2009 until Jan. 2014. In monthly intervals, Prof. Findl commuted to London for a few days to lead research teams and perform surgery.

Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery

In May 2010, Prof. Findl founded the „Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery“ (VIROS), a Karl Landsteiner Institute for innovation in ocular surgery. Main fields of research are after-cataract (PCO) and functional vision after cataract surgery.


Prof. Findl regularly gives lectures at international conferences. He is head of several research projects and offers his long standing experience in leading scientific study groups.

ASCRS Binkhorst Lecturer in Washington DC

Every year the American Society of  Cataract and Refractive Surgery awards the Binkhorst Medal – rarely to Europeans, in 2018 for the first time to an Austrian. Prof. Findl delivered the prestigious Binkhorst Lecture at the opening session of the 2018 Annual Meeting in Washington DC. The Binkhorst Medal has been awarded since 1975 and, up to now, only to four Europeans.

LIM lecture APACRS

APACRS Gold Medal 2016

The Asia-Pacific Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (APACRS) annually awards the APACRS gold medal to outstanding ophthalmologists for their signification and excpetional contributions to the development of cataract and refractive surgery. In 2016, Prof. Findl was chosen to hold the prestigious LIM Lecture and was awarded the APACRS medal by Prof. Ronald Yeoh. Among only five Europeans who have received this honor so far, Prof. Findl is the first Austrian.

Research Focus

Prof. Findl's passion for research is reflected by the number of his scientific publications. Up to now, he has published more than 260 papers in international scientific journals of ophthalmology.

  • High precision biometry for accurate intraocular lens power calculation
  • Prevention of after-cataract , one of the most common “complications” of cataract surgery
  • First description of the pros and cons of the implantation of two intraocular lenses in one eye, called “piggyback technique”
  • Impact of bloodflow in the optic nerve on the development of glaucoma
  • Influence of local anesthesia on ocular blood flow during eye surgery
  • Changes of eye length during accommodation


In addition to his key lecture series at the Medical University of Vienna on the causes of myopia, the supervision of dissertations and diploma theses and his annual lecture at the “Wiener Augentag”, one of Prof. Findl’s main field of interest is the development of computer learning programmes.

Prof. Findl’s learning tools are highly appreciated by medical students and are among the most frequently used electronic learning devices at medical universities. These cutting-edge learning projects have won several awards, such as the Austrian State Award for Multimedia.

Vienna Ophthalmic Case Studies

Interactive case simulation program for students and ophthalmogolgists.

Ophthalmic Operation Vienna

3D-animations of common eye operations.

Eye Exam

Computer learning program on common eye examinations.

e-i Electronic Eye

Interactive online learning tool designed for medical students.

Due to many years of experience in ocular surgery, I am happy to treat difficult surgical cases.

Prof. Findl