Prof. Findl's interest in research is reflected by the number of his scientific publications: he has published more than 235 research papers in international peer reviewed journals in the field of ophthalmology.

List of scientific publications in the internet

His intensive research in the field of cataract surgery has been acknowledged by an independent analysis: out of 14 000 scientific authors in the field of cataract Prof. Findl was ranked as Europe's No. 1 and holds position No. 8 worldwide of published authors.

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital

Prof. Findl's extensive expertise in research in ophthalmology is much appreciated abroad as well: London's Moorfields Eye Hospital, one of the leading centres in ophthalmology in the world, has appointed Prof. Findl as Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon from Aug. 2009 until Jan. 2014. For a few days per month, he used to commute to London leading research teams and performing eye surgery there.

Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery

In May 2010 Prof. Findl launched the Vienna Institute for Research in Ocular Surgery (VIROS) , a Karl Landsteiner Institute. Main focus of this active research institute are after-cataract and functional vision after cataract surgery.

He has been invited to speak at numerous international congresses. Prof. Findl is an experienced senior researcher leading several research teams.

Main Research

1. Cataract Surgery

High precision biometry for accurate intraocular lens power calculation
Prevention of after-cataract , one of the most common "complications" of cataract surgery
Assessment of accommodating intraocular lenses
First description of the pros and cons of the implantation of two intraocular lenses in one eye, called "piggyback technique"

2. Glaucoma

Impact of bloodflow in the optic nerve on the development of glaucoma
Influence of local anesthesia on ocular blood flow during eye surgery

3. Myopia

Changes of eye length during accommodation

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