Cataract OPs
Corneal Tx. OPs
Retinal OPs
Source number of surgeries: Hanusch KIS (ORBIS, Agfa), Moorfields e-Patient, AKH-KIS
Oliver Findl OPs

Frequency and Quality of Surgery.

A surgeon's experience depends mainly on the number of surgical procedures performed. Concerning the quality of surgery, the current frequency of operations is of relevance. Additional indicators of surgical quality are outcome measures as well as complications rates.

In order to assist you in the choice of your surgeon, Prof. Findl publishes his numbers of surgery. Sources are the hospital information systems of his previous and current work locations: Hanusch KIS (ORBIS, Agfa), Moorfields e-Patient, AKH-KIS.



Since 2012, all of Prof. Findl's cataract operations are automatically uploaded in an anonymised fashion into an international registry (EUREQUO). This allows benchmarking of his outcomes and complication rates with other top surgeons throughout Europe. In this period, Prof. Findl performed 16.919 Cataract OPs, 457 Corneal Tx. OPs and 2.117 Vitreoretinal OPs.



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