Special Intraocular Lenses

Special Intraocular Lenses.

In some cases, special intraocular lenses are used during cataract surgery.

Toric IOLs

In cases of moderate to high corneal astimatism of 2 diopters and more, toric IOLs that are custom made, are used. Before surgery, a corneal topography is performed additionally to the usual IOL-Master biometry. The power of the toric lens is calculated and the lens is ordered from the manufacturer. A new surgical microscope with an integrated tracking system is used at Hansuch hospital. This allows precise alignment of the toric IOL at the end of surgery.

Prof. Findl has performed several clinical trials on toric IOLs and has published these in international journals. He regularly holds lectures and courses on the topic of toric IOLs at international congresses. Prof. Findl has implanted more than 400 toric IOLs (2013).


Multifocal IOLs

If the patient has a strong desire to be less spectacle dependent after surgery, multifocal IOLs with 2 foci may be used. This allows patients to see clearly at distance and near without needing glasses. However, these IOLs have some drawbacks, such as decreased contrast vision, increased glare and halos around light sources at night. The pros and cons will be discussed in detail during the informed consenting.

Prof. Findl reguarly uses multifocal IOLs of several manufacturers. He is author of clinical articles on this topic in international journals and regularly holds lectures on multifocal IOLs at thecongresses of the ESCRS, the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.




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