Visual Acuity Test

Visual Acuity Test.

The visial acuity test consists of rows of letters, that become progressively smaller towards the bottom of the chart. Try out all the lines, first with one eye, then with the other, followed by both eyes. If you are able to read all the letters correctly, you probably do not need glasses, however, there is still a chance you may be hyperopic. If you should have difficulties, a professional examination in Prof. Findl's private practice is recommended. Don't hesitate to book an appointment!

Please adjust your distance to the monitor according to the resolution it is set to.

ResolutionDistance to the monitor
800 x 600 ca. 2,0 m
1024 x 768 ca. 1,5 m
1600 x 1200 ca. 1,0 m
1920 x 1080 ca. 0,5 m

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