Macular Test Online

Macular Test.


You may test the function of your macula on a regular basis using the so called "Amsler grid-test". You can detect early changes in your vision that you might not detect in normal life. It is sufficient to perform this self test every few weeks.

Using the Amsler grid self test is easy:

  1. Put on your reading glasses and look at the grid from your usual reading distance.

  2. Cover one eye with your hand.

  3. Look at the small black dot in the center of the grid.

  4. While doing so, observe whether all lines are staight, if they appear distorted or blurred or if there are any boxes missing.

  5. Repeat this procedure with the other eye.

If any lines appear distorted or if any of the boxes are missing, you should book an appointment with Prof. Findl and report these findings. Please be aware that there are retinal deseases which may only result in problems with this test at a late stage.


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