Measurement of eye length.

Before cataract surgery, Prof. Findl will measure your eye length using the IOL-Master. This high precision device measures your eye length, which is important for calculating the correct power of the artificial lens, which will be implanted during cataract surgery. It is a non-contact, painfree measurement which usually takes only a few minutes.

The same instrument is a useful tool to monitor the progression of shortsightedness in adolescents. The longer the eye, the more myopic the patient.

In our practice, you will find the latest version of the IOL Master, the new IOL Master 700, with all possible additional modules installed. This brand new machine using SWEPT source biometry allows eye length measurements even for mature cataracts, detection of unusual eye-geometry, more precise measurement of corneal cuvature and screening of macular diseases before cataract surgery.

Prof. Findl's involvement in the development of the IOL-Master

Prof. Findl developed this new technology in cooperation with the Institute of Medical Physics in Vienna in the early 90s and was involved in the first clinical application of this method of precise eye length measurement. The IOL-Master has gone on to become the most commonly used machine for eyelength measurement in the western world.
The latest evolution in the field of optic biometry is the IOL Master 700. Already a year before coming on the market, Prof. Findl has evaluated the prototype of the new IOL Master 700, which combines image guided OCT technology with even more precise IOL Master measurements.



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